Welcome to Stanlux Ltd.!

Specialization of the enterprise is wholesale trade, including foreign one in chemical reagents and chemical products for industrial needs.

In detail

A wide range of products is always keeping on our warehouse

Mainly we offer products from our warehouse and we are able to guarantee a prompt delivery.

But list of products from our stocks is not out of all our possibilities. We also supply chemicals according to Your orders.

all Your needs

Our vast experience, knowing of the market gives us a possibility to deliver any chemical material quite and quickly according to Your orders.

We are looking to cooperate with You

We are interested in new partners for implementation of our new perspective commercial and capital investment co-projects.

We are looking for creative professionals with their ideas about trading in the field of raw materials and chemicals.

Would You like to be our supplier ?

If You have offers for the products from our list, please, contact us.

If You have offers for other chemicals, not from our list, please, contact us.